Friday, March 27, 2015

What a Bachelor Needs (Montana Born Bachelor Auction #4) by Kelly Hunter

25077436Single mom Mardie Griffin has had it tough, she works like crazy and barely makes ends meets; she has no time for romance. Of course like that will deter her meddling best friend Ella Grace (if you love the Marietta Series you remember her from What a Bride Wants) from bidding on a man who is offering one week of handyman services.

Jett Casey remembers Mardie from a few years ago when he wished he could have helped her, now he gets a chance to help her despite her objections thanks to her meddling friend.

Mardie gradually opens up to Jett and they form a relationship. Jett knows Mardie has been seriously hurt in the past so he is willing to take things as slow as she wants to take them. I absolutely loved how Jett so easily fell Mardie and her little daughter Claire.

The characters were great and despite his very easygoing and laidback attitude, Jett is like the sweetest guy. Despite all her previous traumas, Mardie is still making a go at her life and giving her daughter everything she needs. The easy way the characters were with each other really made their story believable. 

Rating 5 out of 5

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