Friday, January 30, 2015

Rough Rider (Hot Cowboy Nights #2) by Victoria Vane

Rough RiderBy Victoria Vane

Sourcebooks Casablanca
Contemporary Western Romance
February 3, 2015
ISBN: 9781492601159

Two wary hearts …

Janice Combes has two loves, bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But Dirk only has eyes for a dazzling rodeo queen. How can Janice ever compete while mired ankle-deep in manure? Exchanging playful banter with Dirk is all Janice can expect—until the stormy night he knocks on her door dripping wet and needing a place to crash.

Different Dreams…

Dirk Knowlton is living the cowboy dream. Life should be good—roping, branding, backing broncs, riding bulls, but there's a void he can't seem to fill. After getting hung up by a bull, he wonders if this is really the life he wants. Restless and rebellious, he bolts…but there’s a certain cowgirl he can’t forget.

When a battle-scarred Dirk returns to his Montana ranch he's determined to hang on at any cost. Janice has come back home to lick her own wounds. When old dreams turn to dust, can two wary hearts take another chance on love?

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Praise for Slow Hand by Victoria Vane:
“A “red-hot cowboy tale...their sexual chemistry crackles. Well-paced, scorching scenes and witty banter move the story along while setting the stage for Wade’s war-hero brother to find his own true love in the next installment.” – Publishers Weekly

“SLOW HAND by Victoria Vane is delightful, funny, page turning steamy sexy… I'm beginning to think Victoria could write a phone book and make it sexy.” – Unwrapping Romance


Victoria Vane is a multiple award-winning romance novelist and history junkie whose collective works of fiction range from wildly comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Victoria also writes historical fiction as Emery Lee and is the founder of Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog.

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Excerpt from ROUGH RIDER by Victoria Vane:

He looked abashed. “We didn’t just have to leave the party, we got kicked out of the hotel too.”
“Evicted from your room?”
“Yup. And there aren’t any others available in all of Casper.”
“I know,” she said. “It’s why I’m camped out here.” She paused to digest what he’d left unsaid. “So you and Rachel?”
He shook his head with a scowl “We’re done now. Quits.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Nope. History. Case closed.”
“It’ll blow over.”
“Don’t think so. It was her idea to boot us. Said she didn’t give a shit if I had a room tonight or not. Then I couldn’t even try finding anything outside of town because my asshole brother took my keys so I wouldn’t drive. My next move was to pilfer a blanket and pillow and camp out under the stars in my truck bed, but then it started pouring on me.”
“So you came here. How’d you do that with no wheels?”
“Three miles in the pouring rain? No wonder you look like something the cat dragged in.”
“Can I crash for a coupla hours? Maybe just camp out in the back seat of your dually? All I need is to get warm and dry again.”
Janice’s mouth went dry as sawdust. Dirk Knowlton. Cold. Wet. Here. Now. Wanting a bed? She’d give her right arm to warm him up. Heck yeah.
Misreading her silence he mumbled a curse. “Sorry, Janice. It’s my damned head. I’m not thinkin’ right. It’s still throbbing like hell. Haven’t been myself all night. M’pologies for being such a dumb-ass and imposing on you—” He turned to the door.
“No! Wait. It’s not that.” She grabbed his sleeve. “I was just thinking of your injuries. You don’t need to make matters worse by sleeping all cramped up in the truck.” She gnawed her lower lip and then blurted. “Y-you wanna just stay here instead?”
“Here? That’s mighty generous but there isn’t a whole lot of room for both of us.” He glanced up at the gooseneck with a frown. “If you’ll just gimme a blanket, I’ll take the floor.”
“You don’t need to do that,” she said. “The bench here flips down over the table and converts into a single. It’s really narrow and not very comfortable, but still better than the truck. Warmer anyway. Besides you need to get dry.”
“You sure about this?” he asked.
“Yeah.” She smiled. “What are friends for? I’m sure I’ve got a shirt for you too.”
“Thanks, Red. That would be great.”
Red? The single syllable rippled warm and tingly, all the way to her toes. He followed up with a lopsided grin that stopped her in her tracks. She turned to the small cabinet that served a dual function as dresser and closet and shut her eyes on a sigh—but the same air stuck in her throat the minute she turned back around.
He’d shed the denim jacket. And the black tee. His bare torso with well-developed pecs and a mouthwatering six pack greeted her. He was drying his face with his discarded shirt. Janice tore her gaze away and cleared her throat. “Here.” She thrust an extra-large Dixie Chicks T-shirt into his hands, a souvenir from their Top of the World Tour. “I—I can get you a towel too.”
He eyed the shirt skeptically. “No thanks.”
“What? You don’t like female musicians?”
“Don’t like their politics. Natalie should just shut up and sing.”
“Ah.” She nodded slowly. The shirt was from the tour that caused the “incident.” A lot of her friends had since thrown out their Dixie Chicks CDs, but Janice still loved their music. “I Can Love You Better” was her favorite. The lyrics, she’s got you wrapped up in her satin and lace. Tied around her little finger…but I can love you better, perfectly summed up all the heartbreak and frustrations of unrequited love; all her secret feelings for Dirk. She only wished she could show him now that he was here. In the flesh. A big strong, blue-lipped and teeth-chattering fantasy come true.

This is book two and takes place during the events of Slow Hand and follows Wade Knowlton's brother, Dirk Knowlton and his lady love Janice Combes.

However, unlike the first book, this book starts in the past and answers so many questions as to who Rachel was and how she destroyed the relationship between the two brothers. This book will have you flipping the pages like crazy, I had originally thought this book should have been first, but as I started reading I thought, actually this order works better.

Way back when, Janice Combes had a major crush on Dirk Knowlton, however he was basically only focused on his beauty queen girlfriend Rachel who we all know eventually marries his little brother (drama). Eventually these two have a one-night thing but Dirk is a guys, so we know he will mess things up. Janice moves on with her life, even if things don't go as good as she hoped and Dirk joins the military and eventually comes home an injured and scarred man.

Now a widowed, single mother; Janice and her son Cody move back to her hometown to try and pick up the pieces of her broken life.

Dirk and Janice eventually come together again, however, this time they have a lot of issues to get through. They need to put their demons to bed and try and move on to a future together, but certain revelations (really wish I could tell you the secret) might threaten their budding relationship.

The story really delivers, it has everything any drama aficionado wants in their books and the drama, I feel like a little kids jumping up down with a huge secret to share.

Rating 4 out of 5

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights #1) by Victoria Vane

17732015This was a funny love at first sight then fight story. Nicole "Nikki" Powell is in Montana to lay her father to rest when she loses her wallet. Thankfully a very good looking cowboy comes to her rescue, first he gives her his seat on a collection and then a place to crash when she can't check in to a hotel without an ID or a credit card.

Wade Knowlton is a cowboy/lawyer (do cowboy lawyers wear boots and Stetsons to court?) who has had a rough four years (the drama behind that is crazy); anywho, being raised a gentleman, he comes to the rescue of the pretty damsel in distress, first he giver her his seat on a flight, then some Starbucks and a place to crash, plus a little something more.

The story was good however, there where a few things I didn't like, mainly Nikki's half sister. I found her presence in the book annoying and while I'm on that I semi hated Nikki. Nikki spent all her time trying to push Wade away and he was trying really hard. Worse her excuse was that it was too good to be true. She spends the entire time complaining about how all the guys she's met are douchebags and she finally meets one that despite his flaws he can recognize love at first sight when sees it.

Wade was a descent guy despite his many flaws and the whole connection between him and Nikki was interesting. It gave you a lot to laugh about.

The drama between Wade and his brother is what gets you hooked, I cannot wait to start on the next book "Rough Rider". There we get to see what Wade's big brother Dirk was up to while Wade was wooing Nikki. So I say read and get both books because they are a must read back to back; this was my first Victoria Vane book and she has a style of writing that will keep you engaged.

Rating 4 out of 5

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Falling for the Prodigal Son by Julia Gabriel

22397098Lucy Wyndham was headed for a bad life, until she was sent to summer camp for under-privileged kids. Now an adult, she works for the man who owns the resort that runs said camp.

Sterling Matthew the prodigal son has returned home to run the family business, as his father's health is rapidly deteriorating. He really does not want to be home, he never wanted to run the family business or its attachments.

Sterling wants to save his family's bleeding business and that means cutting the summer camp, much to the disapproval of the marketing director; Lucy wants nothing more than to save resort and her beloved camp, she has no plans of falling for her super gorgeous boss. These two spend their time clashing and falling for each other. 

The story was sweet and lighthearted, it was a short read with a happily ever after. Lucy can sometimes be a bit too idealistic, while Sterling often comes across as a bit of a douche. As you learn each of their back stories you get to sympathize with each of them. I would have loved to see more of Douglas, Lucy's best friend; the author gave us enough to be interested in the character. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

Rating 4 out of 5

Monday, January 26, 2015

Given by Kelli Maine

15998923Merrick and Rachael's story continues and there is just so much drama. It will literally have you going like WTF, secrets are revealed in some seriously explosive ways.

Merrick and Rachael's relationship does get tested a lot throughout this whole book, and I'll admit I was a little pissed off about the ending because I felt that it left so many things just hanging. 

Ultimately, between Merrick and Rachael getting back on track and the next book I was able to let it go. I really want to say more, I mean the drama was like just damn. This really is a must read.

Rating 4 out of 5

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Henni by Miss Lasko-Gross

22809398Henni is a girl who lives in a village dominated by their religion; people follow their religion blindly, those who voice their disagreement are severely punished. However, Henni is  young and curious and questions this blind devotion. In her quest for answers, she ventures beyond the barrier [which is just a line in the sand really], those in her village believe that she has returned as a demon inhabiting her body. When she tries to reason with them, they shun her and as such she must flee. While out in the world, she is found by another group of "civilized" people, who are just as backwards as her people with their blind obedience. 

The story was unique and interesting, as it follows a character who questions her surroundings and attempts to further her understanding of her world and they way her stalled culture views everything. The art was appealing; however, my only issue with this book was the ending. I will not spoil the ending for you because that would just be terrible of me, but I do hope that there is a sequel, something that closes the story. Other than my issue with the ending, everything else was good; the portrayal of blind devotion to ones religion is captivating, because it portrays how societies can live in oppression to their faith.

Rating 4 out of 5

Friday, January 23, 2015

Playing to Win (Summer Beach Vets #2) by H.Y. Hanna

23490083This is book 2 in the series and although it says book 2, it doesn't need to be read sequentially; every book can be read as a stand alone, its just more fun to read in order. This book follows Ellie Monroe, Sara's (from book 1) cousin and Dr. Dan O'Brien, a vet.

Ellie is a super uptight workaholic, who dispute being in Australia for almost a year, has never really made time for a social life, because, well, work comes first. Well, life has a funny way of intervening; that funny way being a boy named Will and a humongous dog named Milo.

Over the course of the book Ellie learns to open her heart and let loose a little; to not take life so seriously. The story was fun and the characters were very likable; my absolute favorite was Milo, that dog's bottomless stomach has a way of bringing all the characters together in the most amusing of circumstances. Dan was also very likable, he's serious when he has to be and isn't overly uptight; as a vet he can be on top of things, but as surfer he knows how to chill.

Overall, I liked the book and so far I'm liking the whole series in general. Let's see what else Ms. Hanna brings us in the upcoming books.

Rating 5 out of 5

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Frankenstein (Dover Graphic Novel Classics) by John Green (Adapted by), Mary Shelley

22323395I do love the work Dover Publishing is doing in bringing the classics to a new generation. In this book we see Mary Shelly's Frankenstein come to life in coloring book style pages. The story is condensed to be more adaptable to a younger audience.

In this book, we follow the creation of the Monster all the way to the demise of its creator, Dr. Frankenstein (yes, I'm very picky about that, Frankenstein is not the monster's name).

While the story is condensed, it does reemphasizes the idea that if you treat someone or something like a monster based on their appearance, they will eventually become the monster they are perceived to be. It's a good portrayal of the classic story.

Rating 5 out of 5