Thursday, March 19, 2015

Love in a Snow Storm (Pine Harbour #2) by Zoe York

23289699This was an enjoyable read, once you stopped hating the lead male character. The story follows Jake Foster and Dani Minelli; they've known each other forever, as Jake is best friends with Dani's older brothers.

We get some background and we learn that Jake has had feelings for Dani since she was like 17, being almost six years older than her, he does nothing. By the time the story starts, we find out that Dani is now like 25 and Jake is like 31; however, despite having feelings for Dani, he doesn't act on them and instead just has meaningless flings.

Dani has feelings for Jake, but she hasn't spent her years pinning away for him, she goes out and tries to find someone special. After realizing that he might finally lose her, Jake finally gets his head out of his ass and makes a move towards a relationship. There is just a few people he has to deal with, mainly her brothers and a potential pregnancy scare (unnecessary drama right there).

The story and the characters were enjoyable, however, I knocked down one star for that whole ex-lover thing and the pregnancy scare. That was unnecessary and was just thrown in there to try and create some sort of drama/problems for the couple and it was eventually just steamrolled over. 

Rating 4 out of 5

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