Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bachelor at Her Bidding (Montana Born Bachelor Auction #2) by Kate Hardy

24808942Professional Chef Ryan Henderson only has time for one person, his grandmother; so when Lily (from book 1) persuades him to be a bachelor at the auction he is very hesitant. He agrees under the condition that if he has to cut the date short because his grandma needs him he can.

Dr. Rachel Cassidy is back in town after her divorce (her husband was such a jerk), she is still healing (very slowly); but what are friends for if not to annoy you and get you a birthday dinner with a super hot chef.

Ryan and Rachel gradually come together and get to know each other. Ryan was such a great character, he is like the perfect guy. He's good looking, can cook (super bonus there) and is super attentive to his ailing grandma (aww). Rachel is smart and kind and like any girl she has her insecurities, but she was such a real character.

The story is sweet and nice; the characters are very enjoyable and their chemistry really shows.

Rating 5 out of 5

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