Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Bachelor's Baby (Montana Born Bachelor Auction #3) by Dani Collins

24809005Meg Canon is back in Marietta to clean out her old room now that her brother's wife and step-daughter are moving into her childhood home. After accidentally ending up stuck in a ditch and getting rescued and propositioned by the very good looking new neighbor Linc Brady, she is grateful and irritated. 

In a weird form of flirting she actually sets him up so that Lily ends up recruiting him for the bachelor auction. As the reader you are laughing at how Linc gets roped into this, especially when Linc flips.

At the auction Meg feels bad to have set Linc up, so she decides to bid on him; however, Linc decides to bid on himself and soon these two are letting the sparks fly in a very hilarious fashion.

What they decide will only be for one night turns into a (it's a four letter word in the title) and Linc has to decide if he is ready to commit. 

The story was sweet and fun, the characters were enjoyable, especially their bickering, it was cute. It was endearing that despite being thrown into a relationship by circumstances, they get to know each other and they get a happy ending.

Rating 4 out of 5

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