Saturday, March 28, 2015

In Bed with the Bachelor (Montana Born Bachelor Auction #5) by Megan Crane

25116952The story followed Jesse Grey and Michaela Townsend two people who get roped into the Bachelor Auction by their nosy relatives.

Jesse Grey somehow gets volunteered by his uncle Jason Grey, the surly owner of Grey's Saloon. Jesse totally does not want to be there and even worse he is pissed off at the attraction he feels to the girl that ends up receiving him as a gift.

Michaela Townsend is there as part of an impromptu bachelorette party, her relatives decide to bid on a guy as a gift.

Michaela and Jesse end up stranded in a motel after a blizzard and soon their attraction and their issues come out, threatening what seems like a perfect connection.

I was not a huge fan on this one. The reason's being that Jesse was super hung up on his ex-girlfriend and what she did to him, which granted what a skank. Still, after three years move on; just because she was a skank doesn't mean every woman will be like that.

Next, I swear every time Michaela opened her mouth I wish I could punch her character in the face. Her "fiance" was such a sleaze and her whole rationalizing it. Her way of rationalizing her open relationship, in which only her "fiance", who didn't even give her a ring because it's an archaic form of ownership, gets to use the perks. Like WTF!!! Then, that she actually listens to him tell her about his liaisons, that mean absolutely nothing because they are just something animals do.

The characters did seem to have this connection, but they also spent too much time in their heads and analyzing everything. 

I did love that they finally deal with their issues and baggage to come together is a very romantic way.

Rating 2.5 out of 5

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