Friday, March 20, 2015

Tall, Dark, and Bad by Charlotte Hughes

24736619I loved this story, it was so hilarious; Summer Pettigrew is a self-reliant, do it herself overachiever, who never has any time for relationships. When a little white-lie leads to her having to produce a boyfriend out of thin air, Cooper Garrett is not what she expected.

Cooper does his cousin a favor, he just never expected to be attracted to his pretend girlfriend.

Soon Cooper and Summer's pretend relationship escalates and the little white-lie grows to a big monster of a lie. 

Summer was a bit shallow sometimes, but usually very good and an over controlling perfectionist, but when you read her background story, her behavior totally makes sense.

Cooper had a rough life growing up so he often carries a chip on his shoulder; he is a really hardworking good guy.

The story is sweet, especially when these two finally acknowledge they are in love. The story was originally published in 1996 and was re-released with a few updates. This is the perfect book for a relaxing, kickback afternoon or weekend.

Rating 4 out of 5

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