Friday, July 31, 2015

To Win Her Love (Players #1) by Mackenzie Crowne

25605631This was such a dramatic story so full of twist and turns. Gracie Gable wants custody of her nieces after the death of her brother-in-law only it turns out the perfect husband and doting father she knew had a huge secret.

Jake Malone just learned that his very wealthy deadbeat father got married, had kids and since his wife is dead he's left custody of his daughters to the son he abandoned.

Gracie would do anything for the her nieces; her big sister was her hero, for her she'd even put up with football super star Jake Malone.

Jake is at first pissed at the position his father has put him, but needing a publicity boost following some bad moments and then realizing he can't be a bastard and turn his back on his new sisters, he agrees.

Soon Jake and Gracie are fighting their attraction in order to be perfect parental figures; but when Jake stumbles upon a secret Gracie has been hiding he flips and turns his back on her.

With a little intervention and some good groveling these two get the perfect family they've always wanted. 

Rating 5 out of 5 

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive by Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Rachael Stott (Illustrator)

25278093Those darn Klingons are out to conquer a new world in an alternate universe, but don't worry Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will save the day.

This was a really good crossover, the whole time you want the Enterprise to help Colonel George Taylor but it's like "The Prime Directive" is in the way.

I was hooked, the art is great; the highly detailed apes. If you love the idea of apocalyptic futures and space travel you'll love this one. 

Rating 4 out of 5 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Batman and Robin Vol. 6: The Hunt for Robin (Batman and Robin Vol. II #29-34, Omega) by Peter J. Tomasi (Artist), Patrick Gleason (Illustrations)

23308457OMG! I was so sad reading this one; I didn't know whether to take Batman/Bruce's side or Ra's al Ghul's. Robin/Damien is dead and dear old grandpa wants to bring him from the dead but daddy dearest knows that as painful as it is Robin should be left to rest in piece.

This action packed book filled with appearances from heroes and baddies all over the DCU is one super addictive, page turning read.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Millennium by Joe Harris, Colin Lorimer (Illustrator)

25659811This book was absolutely great; if you're an X-Files fan you'll definitely be into this.

The art really captured the characters and the emotion being conveyed in each scene. I would have made minor change in the cover, but that's just me; other than that this book was great.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ten Days in Tuscany (Men of the Zodiac #4) by Annie Seaton

24989140This was such a sweet love at first sight / find yourself story. Gia Carelli is so tired of her family ignoring her and dismissing her art. When a near collision brings her in contact with tourist Nic Baldini it's a you're hot but you just lectured me hell no meeting.

After ending up at a restaurant on the edge of town Nic is captivated by paintings of the countryside; he sets out to meet the artist and learns that the girl that told him off on the road is the talented artist.

Nic and Gia come together because of her love for painting and his passion for appreciating art. The characters were enjoyable and the storyline came across as fresh; the very detailed descriptions of countryside and Gia's paintings made it possible for the reader to visualize the landscapes.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Undertow Volume 1: Boatman's Call by Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakhanov (Illustrations)

22358441It had potential however, it just seemed too convoluted and all over the place, I couldn't even get vested in any of the characters.

You have a group going on an expedition from Atlantis to the Surface World, so that's interesting. Even the fighting scenes couldn't really save this one for me, it just needed something more, I can't put my finger on it, but something was off.

The series has potential so I'm not gonna say this was bad, I'm just gonna say for an opening it was okay.

Rating 3 out of 5 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pretending with the Playboy (In Love with a Tycoon #2) by Tracey Livesay

23723060This is one of those let's pretend we're together because a relative I love so much is dying and they want to see me settled down. How can this possibly go wrong or mess with anyone's feelings?

When Dr. Lauren Olsen mentor Dorothy Richardson becomes ill and is near death's door, Lauren goes and gets Dorothy's beloved nephew Carter Richardson. After learning his aunt is dying and seeing the concern on her face, he lies and pretends Lauren is his fiance. Of course Dorothy is thrilled and from there the entire story unfolds.

Carter is a bit of a jerk, but after reading his backstory, you understand why he has these warped views and he kinda grows on you, especially at the end.

Lauren is too sweet and I kinda wanted her to give Carter a harder time at the end, especially after the way he behaved.

At the end the story was enjoyable and the happy ending really helped.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad #1) by Sean Ryan, Jeremy Roberts

23012550Their missions are just starting and these guys and gals are already tearing themselves apart. These villains turned government agents are out to do the jobs even too dirty for the CIA.

The team now seeing some additions in the form of Deathstroke and Joker's Daughter, as well as a new puppet master, Vic Sage, who by the way is no Amanda Waller things will get seriously crazy.

We see some serious fight scenes and because these guys are villains some serious killing left and right.

Of all by far Harley Quinn steals the show; I'd give more credit to Black Manta but come on he breaks up a pretty good fight between Joker's Daughter and Harley.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

One Night with the Cowboy (Whiskey River Book 2) by Eve Gaddy

25664885I absolutely loved this story, the main characters were just great. Trey Kelly is dealing with the fallout of his father's will, I mean, learning you have another two brothers. WOW! Then he runs into his new neighbor Ariana Wright, a girl he hasn't seen in years and sparks just fly.

Following a car accident that left Ariana with a scar on her face, she feels ugly and disfigured, especially after her fiance dumped her. So having a guy like Trey hit on her comes across as a bit of a surprise. 

Trey and Ariana fit together well and what really endeared the story to me is that it focuses on how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what matters is what's on the inside. This is a very sweet read with very compelling characters.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Friday, July 24, 2015

His Million Dollar Risk (Take a Risk #3) by Robin Bielman

23941354This was a fun story about a very free spirited girl and very super on schedule guy, who has no room for distractions.

Connor Gibson is on a deadline and has no room for detours. 

Charlize "Charlie" Beckett is as free spirited as they come, but also trying to prove she can be can be a good writer for the magazine her father owns. When her friend Ashley Morgan, who was supposed to go on a trip through historic Route 66 with Connor and write an article ends up getting sick, Charlie end up filling in, except she gets a little toung tied and ends up pretending to be Ashley, who prefers to be called Charlie.

Connor is falling for Ashley aka. Charlie, but when the truth comes out, things get crazy and Connor is really hurt and somewhat, okay really mean to Charlie. 

Of course they're gonna get a happily ever after and the "I love you moment" is super sweet and will have going aww. 

Rating 4 out of 5 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trade Me (Cyclone #1) by Courtney Milan

23566506This was a fun story, think The Prince and the Pauper, Tina Chen is the Pauper and Blake Reynolds is the Prince. After making an off-hand insensitive remark, Tina call Blake out and of course he decides to propose they switch places. Soon these two are coming together and feeling the love. 

The characters were enjoyable and the story was a good read. You'll be happy to know that despite being the first book in the series, it is a stand alone. I did have a question or two at the end, hence the four, but I still liked it.

Rating 4 out of 5

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

His Billion Dollar Dilemma (Guide to Love #2) by Alexia Adams

25202530Simon Lamont is on the verge of taking over the company Helen Winston has worked really hard to build. Well Helen is not going to allows some corporate pirate to come in and ruin her life and that of her friends and coworkers. What was supposed to be a business meeting turns into so much.

I loved Helen's friends and her nerdy big brother, he was just super funny and sweet, in a very annoying, overprotective big brother way. Simon was such a sweetheart and the "I love you" moment was just wow for romance lovers. Oh and Helen's parents, were just beyond funny. It's a fun story.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Southern Fried Blues (The Officers' Ex-Wives Club #1) by Jamie Farrell

18484935Anna Martin is recently divorced and is now down south trying to get her life together. Jackson Davis is an All-American Southern Boy who thinks true love isn't for him.

After her divorce to a military man, Anna vows to avoid the type, but Jackson an Air Force sweetheart is different and soon these two begin to get each other and realize there is something real there. Granted they have to fight it, but still they're both quirky and sweet.

The book is a little lengthy, but the story is sweet and you get a lot of laughs and sweet moments as these two come together. Some might find the story a little too lovey-dovey, but sometimes, we just want a nice, cute story to read and this one is it.

Rating 5 out of 5

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Change of Plans (What Happens In Vegas) by Robyn Thomas

25708498Sara Greaves has just been dumped by her fiancee two weeks before the wedding, now she has an expensive ring and a wedding insurance payout to look forward too. When an impulsive trip to Vegas lands her in the path of divorce attorney Ethan Munroe.

For some unknown reason Ethan decides to set out to prove to her that she can be married to anyone and be happy within a month, somehow Mr. I Don't Want Marriage ends up as the groom in that bet. Soon Ethan is out to turn his month into forever.

The story was good, it was fun; Sara's ex was such an opportunistic douche and what he does is just unforgivable, especially when he doesn't cancel anything for the wedding and marries someone else on Sara's hard earned cash.

Seriously how could Sara think that he would cancel anything when he said he'd handle it. I'm just happy that she gets her happy ending with a great guy.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Month of Sundays by Lavender Daye, R.L. Syme

25312435Joe Walker needs a loan from his buddies, but before they shell out the dough, they want Joe to stop being a manwhore. They dare him to date the same woman for a whole month and decide he should ask out the librarian, Krista Foley. 

Krista is reluctant at first, but when Joe offers to help on her fundraiser she agrees. Because of their schedules Joe and Krista can only go out on Sundays. As these two get to know each other better, they begin to see how much they enjoy each other's company. Of course  past demons will bring in a little doubt into their budding relationship.

The story was sweet and you get to see how these two come together, you really get to see their growth and love. It really was a very well written story; the characters were so open and realistic.

Rating 5 out of 5

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Luminae Volume 1 (Luminae #1-2) by Bengal

22351814I was like 50/50 on this one, the art was good, it was appealing and eye catching. The story was okay but for some reason I felt something was missing. We have a lot of fighting, action and very creepy looking villain but I was just not feeling it.

Rating 3 out of 5 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Burning for You (Man of the Month #1) by Michele Dunaway

Photographer Taylor Krebs is working on a charitable photo shoot and her last subject is the very good looking fireman, Joe Marino. Eventually, Joe persuaded Taylor to help on a book he is working on and two become really close. Granted there is a little pushing away as Joe has some scarring that he is not comfortable with sharing.

Their easy banter and dialogue really shows these characters connecting. There is no real drama except some misunderstandings, but a little talking gets that fixed. Joe was such a great guy, he wasn't Mr. I-think-I'm-all-that; you rarely get likable male leads from the start. Taylor was also so nice, she was kind and very caring. Overall, the really down to earth characters is what really got you hooked on this story.

Rating 4 out of 5 


The Lone Ranger Volume 8 Tp by Ande Parks, Esteve Polls (Illustrations), Francesco Francavilla (Illustrations)

23241157Uh yeah this was a good one. A collection of short stories following the Lone Ranger and Tonto being all heroic in the old west.

I love the whole gun slinging, pistol thing. I'm a huge fan of the old west and these short stories following two iconic heroes was so much fun.

And the cover, that alone was just wow; reaching of the six-shooter, awesome.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Shutter, Vol. 1: Wanderlost (Shutter) by Joe Keatinge, Leila del Duca, Owen Gieni (Illustrations)

No, just no. The art was good, but the story itself left a ton to be desired. I hope I'm wrong and all the characters introduced and the cliffhanger ending redeems this story later on, but as of now it just felt like it was trying way too hard and not really engaging the reader.

For me the only thing that saved it was the art, the color blending really appealed to my eye.

Here's to hoping for improvement.

Rating 2 out of 5 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Acolyte by Nick Cutter

24497842I got this one as an ARC from Netgalley, it was listed under Comics and Graphic Novels and with the enticing cover, how could I not request.

First I will point out that it is not a graphic novel so that was a bit of a bummer for me. Regardless this was a good, it might not be for everyone as it does portray religion in what can be viewed as an inflammatory manner.

This was a dramatic, fictional story that portrays a world in which religion controls the government and just how bad that can go. Talk about crazy, especially because in this fictional world things are wicked crazy. This is a story worth checking out, just remember that it is long. 

Rating 4 out of 5 

The Flash, Vol. 6: Out of Time (The Flash Vol. IV #30-33) by Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Brett Booth (Illustrations)

23278618The art was WOW! The exquisite coloring and highly detailed illustrations were incredibly appealing.

And because graphic novels aren't all about the art, I will let you know that the storyline did not disappoint. There is something seriously up with the speed force and Barry is losing minutes [OMG that is a ton of time] but things get even way crazier when a Flash from the future shows up in a by the way super awesome looking electro blue suit bent on changing the past by any means necessary.

You won't be disappointed in this one, the only thing that will have you screaming HOW DARE THEY is the cliffhanger at the end; I had to actually go and buy individual issues because I could not wait for the next volume.

Rating 4 out of 5 

The Fuse, Vol. 2: Gridlock (The Fuse #7-12) by Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood (Illustrator)

24551761In the next installment in The Fuse series, we have Klem still being all badass for a 70 year old [total favorite character right here] and the new guy Ralph being all sneaky and up to something.

After the murder of a prominent resident and somewhat outlaw [not the bad kind, more the rebel seeking freedom through illegal sports kind] Klem and Ralph have to investigate and find out which of all the shady characters did it.

The story was good, especially because we see the relationship between Klem and Ralph grow, I mean, it has to be progress when she occasionally starts calling him Ralph instead of Marlene. Not only that, we get a nice cliffhanger that leaves us wondering what is Ralph really doing on the Fuse.

Rating 5 out of 5 

His Millionaire Maid by Coleen Kwan

25717165Nina Beaumont has only ever wanted one thing her father's attention and to be treated like everyone else; so when the opportunity arises Nina Beaumont becomes Nina Summers a down on her luck girl looking for a job and the opportunity to show herself that she can accomplish things on her own merit.

Joe Farina is a hard working typical business owner that loves his grandma, his baby sister and is very involved in his community. Following a very bad breakup he doesn't do relationships. 

When Nina walks into Joe's inn and a job just lands on her she goes with it; while the two try to keep things professional soon things change.

The story was super sweet and I would have liked it a whole lot more if Joe had had his "I'm in love" moment on his own his friends had to help him way too much. Also Nina never had a real moment where her father see's the real her. They had a mini father / daughter moment but I felt it needed more.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where There's a Will (Whiskey River #1) by Katherine Garbera, Eve Gaddy

25490045This was a really short read that follows two people who have been skirting around each other finally coming together after circumstances force them together.

Ryder Ford has had his eyes on his secretary Addison Wells for a while now, unfortunately for him all Addison has eyes for is her education; so close to becoming a lawyer, Addison doesn't want any distractions. 

After a tornado brings them into really close quarters they give into their attraction and from there Ryder decides he will do what it takes to keep Addison with him; even if he has to drive all the way to Austin to see her.

It was a nice relaxing story for a lazy Sunday afternoon; you grab your reader and some wine and relax with a nice story and good characters. I will say that the mini side story of the case Ryder was working on was super dramatic and definitely should get its own book.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Masquerading with the CEO by Dawn Chartier

25716854When Kylie Edwards learns from her Maid of Honor and best friend that she had an affair with her fiancee on her way to her wedding [I know right, what a bitch], she is devastated. Following some serious moping, her friends Ashlyn and Sara drag her to Vegas [because there is nothing Vegas can't fix].

In Vegas Kylie meets a very handsome and very interested CEO, Jake Royale who wants to be like for more than his wallet [aww what a sweety], so when he is mistaken for his head of security Macon, he decides to play along.

The story was sweet and fun. It was a short read and steamy read that is perfect for relaxing. We very good lead characters and supporting characters. I will say that I hope down the line we see books for Macon, Ashlyn and Sara; oh and maybe a little more of Kylie and Jake, this story was very addictive. 

Rating 4 out of 5 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ever After (Nantucket Brides Trilogy #3) by Jude Deveraux

22603405Hyacinth "Hallie" Lauren Hartley has not had a pretty life; after her father remarried her life went from sweet and perfect to Cinderella's. After coming back home early and finding out the her horrible step-sister Shelly tries to steal a house she inherited from a very distant non-relative, Hallie packs up and heads for Nantucket to see this house and treat a patient Shelly as Hallie committed to treating.

James "Jamie" Michael Taggert suffers from PTSD and a leg injury, from the moment he see's Hallie (the real Hallie) he is instantly attracted, but she puts him through his paces.

As they spend time together and get to know each other, Hallie really grows and comes out of her shell, and Jamie learns to deal with his injuries and accept himself the way he is, warts and all. Granted they have a little help from the resident ghost of the old house, but they do most of the work.

The story was really sweet, ghost and all, but what I did not like is that after how horrible Shelly was to Hallie throughout the whole book, the confrontation was so toned down. Shelly basically learns nothing and Hallie never puts her in her place. I also felt like we needed a little more on the ghost sisters.  Other than that the story was really great, Jamie and his family were so great. I would love to see a book for Jamie's twin brother and his cousins, the way they were in this book made them seem like such great characters deserving of their own books.

Rating 4 out of 5

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Twisted Dark, Volume 3 by Neil Gibson

23923241Continuing in the same concept as the previous two volumes, we some returning characters and some new ones. We see more stories of the darkness within humanity from a husband having an emotional affair with a woman half his age, to his wife having said woman murdered.

We see sadness and despair and how cruel words can turn others into monsters themselves; like the overweight girl that tried to change herself after receiving hurtful critique even from her parents to the point that she became self-centered and oblivious to the damage she was doing to her body.

Rating 5 out of 5 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cinderella's Cowboy by Roxanne Snopek

Cynthia Henley plays Cinderella minus the evil step-sisters (just lazy and a bit shallow) and wicked step-mother. Chad Anders plays Prince Charming.

Chad's always wanted to find the girl that captivated him years ago when he saw her running naked across a hotel, all he has to go by is a distinct mole pattern on her back (yeah, glass slippers sound more romantic). Everyone in town has always thought that event a rumor attributed to Cynthia's step-sisters. 

While working on a charity fundraiser Chad hires Cynthia and the more time he spends with her the more he falls for her, which completely baffles him because Cynthia is sweet and quiet, the complete opposite of what he normally goes for. 

Yes, Chad at first seems a bit shallow but as you read the story, he is actually a real sweetheart and as for Cynthia, I was rooting for her to find her voice and gain self-confidence in herself. Her step-sisters, who by the way not evil, just shallow are always trying to bring her out of her shell. When Chad finally confesses his feelings at the end and Cynthia finally becomes empowered, you will be cheering. This is a really sweet must read.

Rating 5 out of 5

Friday, July 10, 2015

Gotham Academy, Vol. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl (Illustrations)

23395763Yeah, this one was a bit of new feel for me, usually everything DCU I read is targeted at adults looking for some serious fight scenes, but I have to admit it was not bad. Aimed at children this book comes across and very campy, but as the book progressed I'm gonna admit that I'm a little hooked. It reminded me of the Teen Titans [not Teen Titans GO!] cartoons.

And because we are in Gotham we see an appearance or two from Bruce Wayne and Batman; plus that ending really gives us something to look forward to.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Up to Date (Better Date than Never #8) by Susan Hatler

23120217Okay, this was a nice story with a very likable male lead and a somewhat likable female lead. Ginger Nielsen's dad was a doctor and a major alcoholic, so yeah, she's got some issues. When she meets Greg Shaffer it's like instant connection, that is until he drops the "I'm a Doctor" bomb and "I live in another city". Well, now that they're both in the same city Greg wants to give it a go at a relationship, see if they have something, but Ginger is just constantly pushing him away. She reject every sweet and kind gesture to the point that you're like "I hate her". 

I feel the story would have rated higher for me if I found Ginger more likable; and her sister, just wow. The only conciliation there is that at the end she finally confronts her. What really saved the story for me was Greg, he literally comes across as pretty much the perfect guy. Still the story was enjoyable and you find yourself rooting for Greg the whole story.

Rating 3 out of 5 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods of Wars (The New 52) by Tony S. Daniel

23012585Uh hello! It's Deathstroke, need I say more.

Our favorite assassin / anti-hero is off to kill someone who probably deserves it, when things go south. Now he's been turned from an old man into a young man [he knows because he hand to check down his undies to be sure] and going after his father, who has come back to life to enslave humanity.

We have a lot of killing and appearances by Rose Wilson, Harley Quinn, Jericho and because we have a little trip to Gotham, the Dark Knight, Batman of course. Heavy on appearances and bloodshed this book is packed with action. 

The art of course is so incredible, such high detail and the coloring was beyond belief; such perfect combinations of light and dark, of bold and soft.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Outlaws of the Marsh Volume 1: Spirits and Bandits by Wei Dong Chen, Xiao Long Liang (Illustrations)

The story concept and the art felt fresh and captivating; this graphic novel adaptation of Shi Nai'an classic tale of spirits and adventure is a must read.

Taking place in rural China we see the villains rise to power, setting the groundwork for our eventual heroes.

The art was a cross between the American style graphic novels we all know and love and manga style art. The book is captivating and really preserves the integrity of Shi Nai'an's original work.

Rating 4 out of 5 

His First and Last by Terri Osburn

Displaying HisFirstAndLast.jpgBook Information

Title: His First and Last
Author: Terri Osburn
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance


At eighteen, Lorelei Pratchett couldn’t wait to get out of her hometown. Twelve years later, her Hollywood dreams have fizzled and she’s back—temporarily, she thinks. Though she throws herself into saving the old theater and starting a baking business, small towns have long memories, and Lorelei’s wild past still haunts her. It doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Boyd, is even hotter, smarter, and more distracting than before.

The fiery Lorelei that Spencer knew years ago may have become closed off and cautious, but their chemistry hasn’t faded one bit. Losing her a second time is unthinkable to him, yet Lorelei is convinced she doesn’t belong in Ardent Springs. Somehow, Spencer needs to show her that everything she needs is right here: family, friendship, new beginnings…and a man who’s never stopped loving her.

Warm, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny, His First and Last is an irresistible story of first love and second chances.


Lorelei couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Couldn’t reconcile this mess with the place she’d loved. The Ruby Theater had served as her home away from home for so many years and now the screen sported a dark stain along the left third and a deep gash in the upper right-hand corner. The curtains that had draped the walls lay on the floor as if someone had dropped them all at once, leaving exposed brick behind them.

The feeling hit too close to home. This structure reflected what had become of Lorelei’s life. What she had let it become. For too long she’d ignored the signs of decay. Let outside forces tear at her self-esteem and batter her dreams. If she were forced to describe what it looked like inside her head, Lorelei could present a picture of her current surroundings with a one-word caption—This.

She asked the same question she’d been asking herself for months.

“How did this happen?”

Spencer shrugged and shook his head. “Neglect. Apathy. Greed. Take your pick.”

“Your committee really thinks you can fix this?”

He pointed up to the balcony. “Believe it or not, things aren’t as bad up there. The leaks are mostly by the screen, and the raccoons seem content to stay down here. The concession counter could be replaced with something used to start with. Popcorn machines aren’t much.”

Spencer had always managed to see the good in things. The possibilities. That was something she’d loved about him. No matter how moody or hateful she’d been, Spencer saw the good in her. Saw the potential of what she could be beyond the stubborn face she showed to the world.

“So?” he said, tossing a wet shingle out of his way. “You in?”

Staring at the wreck surrounding them, Lorelei knew nothing in this endeavor would be easy. But maybe she didn’t need easy.

Maybe she’d gone down the easy road for too long.

“I’m in. I have my doubts, but I’m in.”

When Spencer didn’t respond, she turned to read his face. There it was. That twinkle in his eye he’d always gotten when Lorelei proved him right. He’d known she’d cave as soon as she saw the condition of the theater.

The idea of someone knowing her so well, better than she knew herself, made her stomach clench. Lorelei stepped back, putting more distance between them. She wasn’t the simple teenage girl he’d once dated. There were open wounds Spencer knew nothing about.

“You ready to go?” Spencer smiled, but she could tell he knew she’d withdrawn. “My gut is telling me it’s time for lunch.”

“I’m not hungry.” Lorelei’s stomach chose that moment to make a liar out of her. To Spencer’s raised brow she said, “Fine, but walk fast. If those bats wake up, I’m running you over to get out of here.”

Spencer nodded. “Sounds fair.” He kicked empty popcorn boxes and shredded seat cushions out of his way. “And Lorelei?”

“What?” she said, following the path he created.

He stopped, causing her to run into him. Staring into her eyes, his expression unusually serious, Spencer said, “I’m glad you’re home.”

Lorelei didn’t have an answer, nor could she have spoken if she did since all the wind rushed out of her lungs. As he leaned  forward, she was certain he was going to kiss her. God, how she wanted him to kiss her.

Instead, he took her hand and said, “Now let’s get out of here.”

And I think?

The story follows Lorelei Pratchett and Spencer Boyd. Lorelei moved out of her horrible small-town as soon as she hit 18, and you can't really blame her the people were just so horrible. When she moved away she broke up with her then boyfriend Spencer because he did not want to come to LA with her.

Twelve years later, things have been rough for Lorelei and she's had to move back to that horrible town, the only silver lining is her Grandma is happy she's back. As soon as she's back the town is just all kinds of nasty, at least she gets a second chance with Spencer; whom by the way I was not too keen on until the end when he finally redeems himself. I think the fact that I really like Lorelei is what saved the story for me, because I swear I would have never returned to that town full of sanctimonious assholes.

Rating 3 out of 5

Displaying Terri Osburn.jpgAuthor Biography

Although born in the Ohio Valley, Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn found her true home between the covers of her favorite books. Classics like The Wizard of Oz and Little Women filled her childhood, and the genre of romance beckoned during her teen years. While Osburn went on to gain a degree in business administration, she couldn’t shelve her love of love stories. In 2007, she put pen to paper to write her own. Just five years later, she was named a 2012 finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. The author of the Anchor Island contemporary romance series, Osburn resides in Virginia with her daughter, an assortment of pets, and her bookshelves full of keepers.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pride & Prejudice (Manga Classics) by Stacy King, Po Tse, Jane Austen

21433253I have enjoyed many of Manga's Classics adaptations and while this one was no exception, I felt there was something lacking. I felt I needed a little more to bring up to at least a 4. Nonetheless, this book was good, we get the classic and quite lengthy Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen adapted into a manageable length perfect for younger readers. The art follows your classic bubbly manga style, with the big expressive eyes. 

Rating 3 out of 5 

Poorly Drawn Lines: Good Ideas and Amazing Stories by Reza Farazmand

24611872Ha, this was a funny collection of cartoons by Reza Farazmand. It's basically a bunch of silly looking doodles with silly conversations. My absolute favorite was perhaps the creation of the universe one and dick bird; the little bird actually says to a passenger on a plane he doesn't fly because he doesn't get along with other birds because he's a dick, just then a bird flies past his window and he flips him off the other bird goes "what a dick". It's basically what often gets categorized as dumb comedy, but it's good for a laugh; I will however say it is not child friendly, some of the text isn't exactly PG.

P.S. Just because "dick bird" #LOL

Rating 4 out of 5 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cinderella Had it Easy (The Cinderella Body Club #1) by Jennifer Conner

25209899Camille "Cami" Carlina has never felt like the girl that can turn heads, with a couple of scars from a vehicle accident in her youth, she feels drab. When her grandma Cami gives her a locket that is supposed to have magical powers that turn the wisher into the ideal version of themselves; you know perfect hair, flawless skin, no muffin top. Well, Cami and her friends jokingly make the wish and the next day wham, they're their ideal selfs (you can read about her friends in the next books).

Cami is her ideal self, so she embarks to make the most of her day and then she meets Prince Charming, I mean Lance Rainey. After a hilarious meeting and a date at the museum they go back to Lance's hotel room.

Having just moved into town for a new job Lance is smitten when he meets Cami and they argue over history. When she flees, the sets out to find his Cinderella. What Cami doesn't realize is that the whole time she thought the magic made her "ideal", she was just herself and that's what got Lance's attention. The locket just gave her the confidence she needed to be outgoing.

The story was really sweet and the characters were enjoyable, even when they are arguing about history. I would have readily given this story a 5 had we gotten a little more detail on Cami's grandma's use of the locket; hey, maybe Cami Sr. will get her own book.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lance (Male Model Chronicles #2) by Christi Snow

Matthew Lancer leads a very stressful life, having taken over his father's company as a teenager he needed an outlet and thus Lance Jones was born. As Lance Jones, he gets to be the regular good looking guy that poses for romance novel covers; he has no worries and no one telling what to do.

Andi Kelly is a famous and reclusive erotica author; she likes to write her books and avoid human contact as much as possible. Andi and Lance meet when Lance models for one of Andi's book covers and although there is an attraction a family emergency put the kabosh on exploring things further.

Some months later after someone tries to steal Matthew's company by attempting to expose is Lance persona and kidnapping Andi things get really crazy. Lance and Andi end up running for their lives and getting a whole lot closer.

The story itself is good and enjoyable; the whole kidnapping adventure was funny. Although, I will say the first book in the Male Model Chronicles was way better, you can't beat running over a cute guy and then finding a connection. I can't wait until the final book in the series, Ms. Snow really has a fun series going on here and the cover models, WOW.

Rating 4 out of 5 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon, Gary Kwapisz

23639235This was such a fun and education read. This semi-graphic novel combines illustrations and text to education young children on the Civil War. The book reads as if targeted for children ages 7+, however it doesn't feel dumbed down or anything of that manner that might detract from it's educational merit.

We get a presentation of events and then followed by an illustrated story that incorporates what was just read. My absolute favorite was the map of the U.S. at the time and the war's timeline; it presented key points that were easy to follow without becoming boring or tedious. If you're looking for a fun, educational read, my inner child recommends this one. 

Rating 5 out of 5