Friday, March 13, 2015

The Millionaire's Deception by Wendy Byrne

24804327Rafe McCall is the closer, he's the guy that gets sent into to ensure the deal. He is motivated and determine to never be poor again, so when a lucrative deal to get Frankie Ritacco comes along, he decides to go all in for the kill. Just one problem, Frankie is the super determined and most attractive woman he has ever seen.

Soon Rafe is between a sword and hard place, do the right thing for himself or Frankie. Frankie is no push over, she will fight tooth and nail to save her restaurant and her hometown.

Rafe knows his duplicity will cost him Frankie and yet he hopes to turn things around. Obviously, Frankie freaks when she finds out about his duplicity. Somehow, Rafe manages to fix everything and make things right with Frankie and all their wishes, known and unknown come true.

The story was entertaining, it was a love at first sight type of thing, from the moment they meet they are both attracted. It's a light, short read, perfect for kicking back on a lazy night.

Rating 4 out of 5

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