Saturday, March 15, 2014

You Again by Ashlee Mallory

Don't let the classification or cover of the book fool you, this book is anything but a typical romance novel. When I started reading this book, I was like oh, it's going be second chance romance kind of story. Granted, there is a second chance romance, but the murder mystery going on will not let you put this book down. This book was so captivating and engaging I read the whole thing in 1 day.

Back in high school, Allie McBride had a huge crush on Sam Fratto, the gorgeous, smart and popular jock. A little more than a decade later Allie is a teacher at her old high school and who should join the staff temporarily, if you guessed Sam, then yes. 

Sam the famous crime author, had to come back to town for a family emergency and the cute blond he sees at the airport happens to be his co-worker and classroom neighbor. Sam likes what he sees, he likes the kinda of woman Allie has grown up to be.

When a body is found on school grounds and Allie starts opening doors to the past, the killer realizes it's only a matter of time before the truth comes to light. The killer decides there's only one way to deal with the nosy teacher and the crime writer. 

As their investigation continues, not only do Sam and Allie get closer to the truth, these old friends become a lot more and Sam will do everything he can to protect Allie.

The story was well written, the plot was engaging and the twist will leave your jaw hanging wide open. What I didn't really like about the book was that Sam doesn't share his feelings with Allie until the end of the book. I hope Ms. Mallory writes a follow-up, I can totally see Sam and Allie as the Booth and Bones (Bones TV show reference) of their town. Get yourself a copy when it's published, you'll enjoy the story a lot.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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