Monday, March 17, 2014

The Marriage Betrayal (Volakis Vow #1) by Lynne Graham

Girl meets boy, they get involved, she fall in love, he doesn't.

The story follows Tally and Sander and their very dysfunctional relationship. After Sander gets Tally pregnant, he decides to marry her. What he doesn't share with her is that he only married her because Tally's out of the picture father threatens to ruin Sander's ailing company if he doesn't marry her. Tally is happy because she actually loves Sander. Sander become resentful of the marriage because he thinks that Tally was the one that asked her father to force him into marriage. Towards the end of the story Tally confronts him and in his anger he reveals that he only married her because her father forced him.Tally is shocked and Sander realized that she didn't know, while he's in the bathroom, Tally packs a bag and flees. When Sander realizes she's gone, he goes after her and convinces her to return to him. They move to France and it looks like they have a happy ever after. [read the next book]

This relationship was really wrong from the beginning and it only got worse. Sander is prick and Tally is just plain stupid. Sander is shallow and Tally is so naive its not even endearing. Read if you're bored.

Rating 2 out of 5

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