Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekends Required (Danvers #1) by Sydney Landon

The first book in the Danvers Series follows the story of Jason and Claire. Jason is the big shot CEO of Danvers and Claire is his personal assitant. Claire has been working for Jason for a couple of year now and in those years Jason has never seen her a more than his assitant.

Claire has been dealing with her mother's medical expenses and the upkeep of her mother's house, Claire had to move out after her mother began to alzheimer like symptoms and was no longer able to remember her and became agitated easily. So, Claire had to take on a second job; her second job is not to her usual conservative demeanor, but since jumping out of a party cake in lengerai pays really well, she starts working for Partiez Plus. 

By a stroke of luck or misfortune as Claire sees it, she has to accompany Jason on a business trip on the same weekend she is to work a bachelors party. When she finds that she'll have enough time to do both, she's happy, she won't miss out on the pay from her other job.

Jason had to have Claire travel with him because he had to attend his BFF's bachelors party, but at the same time he had to work on a huge merger. As the cake is rolled out for the bachelors party Jason happens to be sitting in the front row right next to his buddy. Imagine his shock when who should jump out of the cake but his conservative assitant. From this point on, he becomes attracted to his assistant and he decides to figure her out.

The story continues and Claire, whose not had an easy life with a verbally/emotionally abusive farther, a recently deceased sister and a sick mother is at first happy that Jason is into her, but the relationship sours kinda of quickly when Claire finds that Jason is becoming a little to controlling. Now don't get it wrong Jason isn't crazy controlling, he's just taking liberties with making life as easy as possible for Claire, the more he finds himself falling for her, the more he wants to protect her and make sure she doesn't suffer. But, she doesn't see it that way, she feels like he is completely ignoring her ability to make choices.

Eventually they settle their conflict and Jason learns he needs to step and allow Claire to make her own decisions. The story end with Jason and Claire tying the knot and expecting thier first baby.

The story was good, it was sweet, what invisible girl doesn't dream of her Prince Charming coming along and saving the day. Granted it was so unbelievable that in all the years of working with her, he doesn't her until he sees half-naked jumping out a cake. That made him across as a bit shallow, but as fars as guys in a romance novel, he was pretty decent.

Rating 4 out of 5

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