Sunday, March 9, 2014

Better Than Perfect (More Than a Game #1) by Kristina Mathews

So this story is about Johnny and Alice, they were college sweethearts that broke up when Johnny got a chance to make it at the majors [by the way, Johnny is baseball player], and no Johnny didn't dump Alice, she broke it off. Her thought was that she didn't want to tie Johnny down, especially when she found out she was pregnant and the kid might be his former best friend's kid. No, Alice did not cheat on Johnny, they were  already broken up, and Mel [former BFF] got her really drunk and well you do the math. So, when Alice find herself pregnant, and with no idea who the father was, she decided not to tell Johnny because of her messed up childhood. Her dad had to give up his football scholarship and work in the mines in his hometown because he knocked up Alice's mom, so can you say resentment. Anyways, Johnny and Alice get a chance at a happy ending.

Johnny was an absolutely great guy, in most romance novels, the guy goes of to basically screws anything that moves, but Johnny stayed faithful to Alice. What I hated in this book was that Johnny just couldn't catch a break until the end. 

Alice, I didn't really like, I felt she was just too selfish and that is why the book lost point with me. Alice kept acting and rationalizing that everything she did, she did out of love and to protect Johnny. She never really gave Johnny the opportunity to make it his call, to either hit a home run or strike out.

 Zach [the kid] was a good character, typical teenager in a complex situation. It was also great the book gave his point of view, a lot of books only give you the points of the main guy and girl, but this book gave you the kid, which allowed you to better sympathize and identify with the characters.

So get yourself a copy as soon as possible, you'll love the story and as soon as you read, you'll be just as anxious as me for the next book in the series.

Rating 4 out of 5

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