Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) by R.L. Mathewson

This book is the story of Zoe and Trevor, if you remember from book #1, there's a slight mention of Trevor, Jason's cousin. Well this is his happily ever after. 

I was not very thrilled with this book, Zoe had the usual girl issues, she feels over-weight and not pretty enough. Trevor, oh my god he cannot be a bigger ass because then you'd want to really just punch someone. 

The story starts off with Zoe getting fired from her crappy job and coming home only to have her ahole neighbor (Trevor) take her parking spot, use the last of her detergent and stealing the comfort food she ordered. When Zoe confronts him, they get into a heated argument that end with Trevor basically calling her fat (what a d-bag, you don't say that to anyone) . Zoe leaves to her apartment hurt and proceeds to cry about her crappy life. Thank god, despite being a terrible ass Trevor feels bad and want to apologize and since the wall are basically paper-thin, Trevor begins a conversation with Zoe through the wall. Trevor helps Zoe get a job with his uncle's construction company and on the side hires her to do his housekeeping. Zoe and Trevor develop an easy camaraderie and eventually develop a friend with benefits relationship (minus the friends).  Eventually, Trevor actually falls in love with Zoe because rather remaining the superficial, shallow d-bag he gets to know Zoe as a person. However, Trevor continues to act like an ass so obviously Zoe doesn't believe him when he decides he wants a real relationship. 

Eventually, Zoe ends up pregnant and Trevor is semi-able to redeem himself and the book ends with an 8 years later and Zoe and Trevor are happily married.

Unlike the first book, Trevor doesn't come across as a likable jerk. I say decent read, even if the characters weren't as likable as the first book. I will also add, would it kill R.L. Mathewson to explain how the Bradfords got banned from so many restaurants, I mean seriously. You'll get a few descent laughs with these books, so read.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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