Friday, March 21, 2014

Bride for Real (Volakis Vow #2) by Lynne Graham

Sander is and ahole plain and simple and Tally went from a somewhat determined strong girl to a total pushover.

So book 1 was bearable, and they get a sort-of happy ending with Sander convincing Tally to stay and they move to France where Tally awaits the arrival of her baby and Sander is like "eh, I guess I have no choice".

Book 2 starts 18 months after said baby is still born. As is common in situations like that, Tally falls into a severe depression, she's having nightmares, cries a lot, doesn't want anything physical with Sander.

Sander is an arrogant douche that decides if his wife doesn't want him physically he will focus on work and completely ignore his wife. Tally takes that as he doesn't wanna be married I'm going to leave him and so she does. 

Sander is all depressed/pissed off that his wife left him and is on a bender, on one of his benders he bangs his ex-highschool sweetheart AND "HE IS STILL MARRIED TO TALLY". [oh and his banging his ex is like right after Tally left him]

Now starts the book, its 18 months and Tally was photographed at an even with another guy, Sander sees this and he is jealous and decides he wants to get back together with his WIFE. He sets up a little reunion and seeing as the only thing they had right in their marriage was screwing they do it on a table, a bed, a shower, a bed again and in the morning Sander drops his lets give it another go. 

Tally asks him if he's screwed anyone else while they're apart and Sander say yes. Tally leaves and goes home back to London. SURPRISE her shitty mother needs money, Tally decides to ask her dad and just like he blackmailed Sander to marry Tally in book 1, he now blackmails Tally into giving Sander another shot, and SO SHE DOES.


Impromptu honeymoon and they screw like rabbits with SHOCKER no protection. 


Back in London Sander gets called by a weird lawyer from France because his ex died and Sander has to go to France, and SURPRISE AGAIN Sander's ex had his baby because the guy obviously doesn't know how to either keep it in his pants or at least wear a glove. Now Sander's all shit Tally's not gonna like this, especially because you're mommy's my ex and they did not like each other.

Sander is back and he decides let me screw Tally one last time just in case she decides to leave me for good. He drops his bomb and Tally is pissed Sander is actually all it's not a big deal don't get like that, why are you leaving again, if you hadn't left the first time this wouldn't have happened.



Sander has to go to Athens and leaves Tally in charge of the baby and the nanny and THE BIGGEST IDIOT THAT Tally is bonds with the baby.


Tally is pregnant she finally tells Sander everything she feels and Sanders says I love you.

2 years later they have their baby and Tally is the official adoptive mother of Sander's ex's baby.

First off this marriage was doomed from the start, and secondly how much of a doormat do you have to be to get over your husband banging his ex right after you separate and then to actually start doubting yourself when the guys says if I banged my ex and got her pregnant its your fault because you left. REALLY LIKE REALLY Sander only wanted her back because someone else now had his shinny toy. If you're gonna read, then read both books, so you can rant from the very beginning.

Rating 2 out of 5

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