Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides (Twisted Sisters Club #1) by Deb Julienne

I absolutely beyond loved this book, it is a non-stop laugh-fest.

Sabrina Thompson is a 24 year-old virgin who has never been on a third date, who writes a beauty column for a magazine that is currently struggling. So when they downsize the staff, they distribute a few columns around and to poor Sabrina's mortification, she happens to be given the two columns she doesn't have one clue about, LOVE & SEX [laugh, you know you want to].

Trent Wellington is the younger, identical twin brother of Travis who is supposed to take over said struggling magazine, only one problem Travis has some issues to take care of and can't make take over the magazine. So what are identical twins to do? I'm sure you've guessed it.

Sabrina has had a crush since the day she first met him a few years back and Trent has been in the same boat, except thanks to Sabrina's BFF and Trent's cousin Kat, he wasn't allowed to follow up on it [read the book, you'll love how they first met].

Trent [as Travis] begins to hang out with Sabrina and the sparks just fly off, they really are such a cute couple and they're adventures will keep you on the edge and incapable of putting the book down.

Throughout the book you see Sabrina and Trent [as Travis] bond at an emotional level, that by the time Trent reveals his true identity Sabrina is able to admit she still loves him. Don't think Trent gets off the hook easily, Sabrina brings the pain, and by pain I mean the most funniest scenes you will ever read and trust me they are good.

I'm truly hoping Ms.Julienne writes a sequel because wow. This book was well written, it's engaging, you'll laugh, you'll want to sometimes smack both Trent and Travis upside the head, and you'll wish you had a BFF like Kat. The characters are realistic, they have doubts, insecurities and best of all they're not afraid to share. Trent is not like a lot of male characters, he's not afraid to let Sabrina know how he feels and best of all he's very real and down to earth. Sabrina, well she's your typical girl, neurotic, insecure and that is totally okay because she doesn't get so caught up in herself. Go and grab yourself a copy, believe me when you're done with it, you'll be glad you did.

Rating 5 out of 5

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