Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hate Fuck: Part One (Hate Fuck #1) by Ainsley Booth

24308483This story comes in three parts and yes, they do have to be read in order, otherwise you miss all the drama.

This story follows Cole Parker, professional fixer and Hailey Dashford Reid, good-girl heiress. Cole and Hailey have an I hate you but I want you, but I still can't stand you non-relationship.

Cole was hired to do damage control for Hailey's father and then her skanky older sister, he doesn't want to be attracted to Hailey, but he can't help her. Hailey doesn't like Cole because she sees him as the guy that cleans up the messes for rich jerks, but she still can't help being attracted to him.

Just when looks like things are getting somewhat good between the two a dramatic twist comes along to mess everything up.

The story is engaging, it reminded me of Scandal, so, if you like Scandal you'll find this story a fun, drama riddled read.

Rating 5 out of 5

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