Friday, April 3, 2015

Feeding the Fire (Rosewood #2) by Andrea Laurence

21942887So the hot guy on the cover makes you wanna pick this book up, but once you start reading, you forget all about that. You get so hooked on the drama it is crazy how you will flip through the pages.

Pepper Anthony has been turning down Grant Chamberlain since high school (seriously gotta give the guy credit for persistence), but a little misplaced water and a benefit bachelor auction will earn her an entire week with Grant that she can't turn down.

Along the way we also read about Logan Anthony, Pepper's brother and why Pepper's mother was so opposed to any association with a Chamberlain (when you get to those pages you will be like "WHAT!!!"). 

Grant is very entertaining and his ultra-mega honesty thing is great and all because that way you know the guy can't tell a lie. However, he takes it too far and ends up unintentionally pushing Pepper away.

Pepper is a very good leading lady, she's strong willed and hard working. But, she does learn a few too many family secrets that make things super crazy in her life and relationship.

This is a good summer read (do note I'm in Los Angeles, California where it's perpetual summer) that will have you flipping the pages and enjoying the drama like there is no tomorrow. I will say that I am hopping the next book in the series will tell Logan's story.

Rating 5 out of 5

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