Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beneath the Surface (Reluctance #1) by M.A. Stacie

17856148Kyran Reese is drowning, he has a horrible father (who can't even see his own flaws), a brother with so many addictions and a company to run. To let off a little steam, Kyran likes to go to an underground MMA club and fight.

Enter Dale Porter as his brother's new assistant, from the moment he meats her he becomes captivated; she see's him and understands him. Soon Kyran develops a sex-only relationship with Dale that immediately turns into more. However, what kind of romance/drama story doesn't have a stupid guy who gets freaked out by a little four letter word (L-O-V-E) and runs. 

Fortunately, a few punches in the ring knock some sense into Kyran and he runs off to confess his feelings. I do wish his grand gesture would have been a little better, but still it got the job done.

Now, I know as you read, you will want to know what happens with Kyran's no good brother, but don't fret; book two in the series follows Taylor's story.

The story was entertaining and the characters are so dramatic and the whole fight club thing, now that was fun.

Rating 4 out of 5

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