Thursday, April 30, 2015

Escorting the Billionaire (Escorting the Billionaire, #1) by Leigh James

25253863This is the first part of a three part serial and it was a great starting point for the series.

James Preston's brother is about to get married and he has been chosen as the best man, the only thing worse that seeing his whole family at a wedding is showing up SOLO!

So what does a super rich good looking man do? No, he does not ask someone out, he buys an instant girlfriend.

To keep her handicapped brother in a good facility, Audrey Reynolds has turned to escorting, when she is assigned this client, she is ecstatic, this will give her enough money to ensure her brother is set for a long long time.

But when James meets Audrey, he sees more that just some escort he sees beneath her facade.

The story is great, think Pretty Woman (it's a classic) that's how good it is. The cliffhanger will definitely have you running to the next book.

Rating 4 out of 5


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