Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Crystal Slipper by Selena Fulton

Guys are idiots. This is a really good twist on the fairy tales we all know and love; this story takes elements from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

23127692Preston gets to play the role of Prince Charming and Beast, he is arrogant, impatient and a bit narcissistic. Well, he pisses off a Witch, who in her anger cast a sleeping spell that afflicts his sister; the spell can only be broken with true loves kiss. The Witch sends Preston on a chase all over the world to solve all these riddles; except Preston still fails to see what the riddles are telling him.

Celinda gets to play the role of Cinderella with a little bit of Belle [Beauty from Beauty and the Beast], she has had a hard life, the only good thing for her are her books. She doesn't believe in magic and thinks anyone who does is dumb [again Cinderella here, her life is nothing to get all cheery about]; well somehow Preston sucks her into his quest to break the spell.

Along the way, Celinda falls in love with Preston, but Preston, being you know an idiot, takes his time to get to speed with his feelings. Like in every fairy tale, true love conquers all and they live happily ever after.

Rating 4 out of 5

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