Monday, September 15, 2014

All Bets Are On by Cynthia Cooke

Derek is a prince of hell and lately he's been a little bored with his work, punishing white-collar criminals has become a bit tedious. He's become such a drag at work that his minions set up an online dating profile for him, because in no uncertain terms, they believe he "needs to get laid", they know Derek won't go along with it so they bet him he can't get laid. Talk about a kicker to start off the story.

23127688Jaclyn runs a charity organization for children, she started it with her friend Trish; she doesn't like charity balls and she believes good looking guys are trouble with a capital T. On an online dating site she and her friend come across Derek's profile, Trish convinces Jaclyn to send Derek a message.

When these two meet it's not love at first sight, it's lust at first sight, but more importantly they start off with this I hate you, you hate me sort of thing.

The story is nice, will these two actually find their happily ever after or will the whole prince of hell be a big no no for Jaclyn.

The storyline is fun and the characters are entertaining, I would totally have given it a 5 if it weren't for one tiny detail at the end, but I will let you figure which detail out when you read the book.

Rating 4 out of 5

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