Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Murder Me Dead by David Lapham

Steven's a Jazz pianist, he co-owns a very successful restaurant with his wife Eve, but behind the fancy house and the family money, their marriage is despair and misery.

The book opens with Steven walking into his house and finding his wife hanging from a ceiling fan in what appears to be a suicide; Steven is unfazed and it almost seems like he is relieved but while Steven feels he finally has freedom, his life is about to take a very dark and depressing turn into a horrid abyss.

Eve's family is loaded and with power, while the cops have ruled it a suicide, they know Eve was murdered, they know that no matter how bad things were, Eve would never kill herself. This right here will torture you as you read, you keep wondering who the killer is and you never know until the very end.

Steven really enjoys his freedom and finally gets to hook up with the girl of his dreams, Tara, the teenage fantasy he idolized, only problem is she is one ice cold bitch and as you read you will find how she drags Steven and everything she touches down. For her Steven spends some time in jail and even when her truth comes to light, Steven holds on to the idolized version of her.

The book is in black and white, the story written in the noir style of the 60's, 70's and the plot is full of dark twist and turns. I went through this book in two hours, I just had to see it to the end, had to see fall of Steven and the end of Tara. The story lags in the middle, the time during which Steven is in jail and you start actually hoping that he just dies already, but, that twist; what really happened to Eve? Was it suicide? Was it murder? That right there will keep you hooked and flipping the pages to the very end.

Rating 4 out of 5

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