Monday, September 15, 2014

Cowboy On Her Doorstep by Pam Mantovani

Ugh, I always hate stories like this; that being said, I still read these types of stories and for the most part very much enjoy them.

22920049Logan and Kendall were very good friends, Kendall was in love with Logan, but typical guy in these types of stories, Logan has no idea. Kendall and Logan have one night together before Logan leaves town and eventually joins the army. Kendall ends up pregnant, but despite everything, she makes a great life for herself and her daughter Marissa.

When Logan comes back to town after being away for many years, he learns that he has a daughter. Logan now wants to be a part of his daughter's life and to show Kendall that they can have a great life together.

Kendall can't bring herself to trust Logan, she doesn't know if he really will stick around and she doesn't want her daughter to form an attachment that might be temporary.

I hate these stories because in the years the guy is away, he never really gives the girl any thought, but the moment he returns and see's her again it's like "you've always been the one, I love you". Still, the story was good, we have a strong female character that doesn't need the man in her life for everything to be okay; and the male character isn't an ass, from the moment he comes back, he sets out to right his wrongs and show that he can be relied on. The story isn't that long and it's good, I finished it one day and I must say I would love if the author gave us a sequel, maybe for Logan's brother and Kendall's friend.

Rating 4 out of 5

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