Monday, September 8, 2014

The Auteur: Book One - Presidents Day by Rick Spears (Writer), James Callahan (Artist)

Nathan T.Rex was Hollywood's golden boy, until a series of horrible, trauma inducing films have him as yesterday's news. He needs a comeback and he needs one fast, so he gets to thinking, which is really not a good thing. He opts for a horror film, then he decides to get a murder consultant and who better than a serial killer. He gets him off by representing him at his trial, which by the way that was some impressive law school stunt, he gets his degree in one day.

Murder, drugs and a whole lot of crazy follow and in the end T.Rex decides he wants a girl more than a comeback so he sets out to win her heart with a movie that tanks; but at least he gets the girl.

It's funny and unique and it had me in stitches, not suitable for young audiences as it's very rater R, but still adults can get a copy and guys can learn that if you blow a couple million dollars you can impress a girl.

Rating 4 out of 5

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