Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ash and the Army of Darkness by Steve Niles, Dennis Calero (Illustrations), Nacho Tenorio (Illustrations)

22129221Obviously, this isn't some like "oh my god" graphic novel or anything, but the reason I scored it so high is that entire book and story are written in true B-movie format and that right there warrants a good rating.

Ash is back to his own time or so he thinks until the dead start attacking again and he finds he is still in the dark ages. The illustrations were cool and the dialogue was hilarious; Ash was the same as in The Evil Dead movies, not only did he have his same annoying mannerism (you know, over confident ass), they even made Ash look exactly like Bruce Campbell, who played and voiced Ash in all other media.

I made me laugh that he is still a romance confused jerk that can forget a girl like nothing; at the beginning he is making out with Store Clerk Girl (we never get her name), she gets killed and he's all sad, then he gets captured and see's Linda's tormented spirit and he's like Linda the love of my life; then he see's Sheila and it's "I love you", "I've missed you", "We belong together". Like seriously dude make up your mind on who you love and at least remember them long enough. Normally this kind of stuff would make me be like what a jerk, but 80's movies where plagued with this kind of short romance, so it rocks that everything was kept authentic.

Rating 4 out of 5

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