Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Southern Bastards, Vol. 2: Gridiron (Southern Bastards #5-9) by Jason Aaron, Jason Latour (Illustrator)

23911614Oh my freakin god, at the end of volume one Euless "Coach" Boss kills Earl Tubb and the people of Craw County, Alabama stood idly by and did nothing. In volume two we get to see the story behind the monster; growing up poor, with a dead mother and a criminal father Euless didn't have much. The only thing Euless has is football and when that is taken from him he goes dark, I mean really dark.

While reading, I felt really bad for Euless at first, but as his story progresses you start to think what a douche. He revolved his whole life around one event that he eventually becomes so much worse than the petty criminal his father was. The people of Craw County were just awful, they turn a blind eye and prefer to hide out of fear. They don't even realize that together they can overpower Euless and his thugs. Plus going off the stereotypes in the book, I'm gonna say, guns are everywhere.

The art like in volume one is impressive, but what really hooks you is the compelling characters and the dramatic story. Like volume one, volume two ends in a death and the introduction of a new character. I'd like to say who dies and who's coming, but what's the fun in that. 

Rating 5 out of 5 

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