Monday, June 29, 2015

Blame The Mistletoe by Dani Collins

23258101This was a really nice story about finding a second chance at love in the least likeliest of places. Liz Flowers and Blake Canon are both divorcee's having a somewhat bad Christmas until they run into each other at a friend's party; it's attraction at first sight until they realize Liz was married to Blake's ex-wife's brother and Blake was married to Liz's ex-husband's sister.

Well, Blake and Liz realize they have something good and not even crappy exes and and troubles will keep them apart; plus it helps that their kids think it's a match made in heaven. Blake was such a great male lead, really his ex-wife did not deserve such a good guy and Liz was just great, at first I hated how she was being nice to her ex-in-laws but once she goes through her rational about letting go of old grudges and being kind I was like aww. Beside any problem I had with Liz being in Marietta because of her ex-family was overshadowed by her seeing Blake again.

I loved when Liz had a mini confrontation with her ex and his new wife and put those two in their places and the two years later was beyond sweet. This is a feel good, very happy story about two very nice characters that really deserved a happy ending.

Rating 5 out of 5 

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