Monday, December 1, 2014

Dresden War Cry by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Carlos Gómez, Stjepan Sejic

The loose cannon wizard Dresden has been recruited by the White Court to help combat the Vampires of the Red Court hell bent on taking over the world.

Dresden and a few new recruits are sent on a secret mission that starts to look more and more like a setup and a double cross than an actual mission.

The story is good, it's engaging and it has everything that makes magical wars must reads; that being someone on the good side being secretly evil. There is a lot of killing and mayhem as Dresden and his crew try to hold of like 100+ vamps; talk about being the underdogs Dresden and three new wizards against all those vamps, damn. Don't sweat it though, the book is named after Dresden so he obviously has a plan or two to win.

This is a definitely a series worth following up on and hopefully we'll get a better idea of who the traitor is; and the Red Court who is the Leader.

Rating 4 out of 5

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