Monday, December 22, 2014

Doomboy by Tony Sandoval

I loved this book, Mr. Sandoval is an incredible artist. In this book he tells the story of Doomboy a gifted musician plagued by sorrow after the girl he loves dies. As he tries not to be consumed with sorrow and reach his love in the beyond he sends out a series of great doom metal sessions out into the universe that end up unknowingly broadcast over the radio. All those that hear the broadcast find them incredible and inspiring and moving; and soon everyone wants a cassette tape (yes cassette, not cd, awesome) and the identity of the mysterious Doomboy.

By the end of the book Doomboy is finally able to let go of his sorrow and guilt, as he does he releases one final session to the universe as farewell.

The illustrations were amazing, they're are not these high gloss clean illustrations we often see. These illustrations are more raw and elemental; it is why they work incredibly well with the story they convey.

Check out my blog at to see some of my absolute favorite pages from this great book.

Rating 5 out of 5

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