Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx

This is one hell of an emotional ride. Aidan Polowski loved Elizabeth "Libby" Tucker, but he never had the guts to tell her, always treated her like he was doing her a favor being into her; they spend one drunken night together and Libby ends up pregnant. Rather than stepping up to deal with baby, he tells her to get rid of it. Libby couldn't go through with it and the last time they see each other is at their college graduation, when Libby walks the stage about five months pregnant. Rather than talk to her, Aidan gets into his car with his on-again off-again girlfriend. Aidan doesn't hear from Libby again, until she sends him dissolution of parental rights papers that he immediately signs.

Aidan goes on to become a successful baseball player and Libby a kick ass criminal defense attorney. For all Libby cares Aidan can fall off a cliff, that is until her son Cass develops leukemia.  For her son, Libby would move the sky and rise the dead; and that's exactly what she does when she goes to meet with Aidan.

Aidan is pissed that his greatest failure is staring him in the face, but after he is able to get his head out of his ass, he knows he has to make things right and maybe, just maybe get a second change at true love.

The story is gut wrenching because after all Libby goes through to save her son, fate has a different plan in store. Libby suffers the greatest loss a mother can endure and through her despair she has to decide if love can save her and give her a new life.

The characters are believable and likable; they are able to accept their mistakes and work towards making things right. The book was just great, there are scenes that will literally have you tearing up. I really do hope that Ms. Marx gives us a sequel, although this was Aidan and Libby's story, there was a lot there for Aidan's brother Avery to get his own book.

Rating 5 out of 5

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