Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Play Me #3: Play Me Hard (Play Me #3) by Tracy Wolff

23308186More is revealed about what happened to Aria fourteen months ago and we meet someone from Sebastian's past. Someone who holds the clues we crave about Sebastian's past and issues.

Furthermore, and this is the real kicker, there is a surprise guest appearance by, drum roll please. Lets add a random sentence hear to build suspense. Okay enough of that, Ethan Frost makes a surprise appearance and more importantly we get a hit at a third book in the series.

Book three has more revelations, more hooks and more wants. Fan's of the Ethan Frost series will love this, there will be cross overs and new books. This is where you start to scream again, it will be a while before we see this book.

Rating 5 out of 5

Play Me Series
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Play Me #3: Play Me Hard (Play Me #3) by Tracy Wolff

Ethan Frost
Ruined (Ethan Frost #1) by Tracy Wolff
Addicted (Ethan Frost #2) by Tracy Wolff

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