Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cinderella Had it Easy (The Cinderella Body Club #1) by Jennifer Conner

25209899Camille "Cami" Carlina has never felt like the girl that can turn heads, with a couple of scars from a vehicle accident in her youth, she feels drab. When her grandma Cami gives her a locket that is supposed to have magical powers that turn the wisher into the ideal version of themselves; you know perfect hair, flawless skin, no muffin top. Well, Cami and her friends jokingly make the wish and the next day wham, they're their ideal selfs (you can read about her friends in the next books).

Cami is her ideal self, so she embarks to make the most of her day and then she meets Prince Charming, I mean Lance Rainey. After a hilarious meeting and a date at the museum they go back to Lance's hotel room.

Having just moved into town for a new job Lance is smitten when he meets Cami and they argue over history. When she flees, the sets out to find his Cinderella. What Cami doesn't realize is that the whole time she thought the magic made her "ideal", she was just herself and that's what got Lance's attention. The locket just gave her the confidence she needed to be outgoing.

The story was really sweet and the characters were enjoyable, even when they are arguing about history. I would have readily given this story a 5 had we gotten a little more detail on Cami's grandma's use of the locket; hey, maybe Cami Sr. will get her own book.

Rating 4 out of 5 

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