Thursday, July 9, 2015

Up to Date (Better Date than Never #8) by Susan Hatler

23120217Okay, this was a nice story with a very likable male lead and a somewhat likable female lead. Ginger Nielsen's dad was a doctor and a major alcoholic, so yeah, she's got some issues. When she meets Greg Shaffer it's like instant connection, that is until he drops the "I'm a Doctor" bomb and "I live in another city". Well, now that they're both in the same city Greg wants to give it a go at a relationship, see if they have something, but Ginger is just constantly pushing him away. She reject every sweet and kind gesture to the point that you're like "I hate her". 

I feel the story would have rated higher for me if I found Ginger more likable; and her sister, just wow. The only conciliation there is that at the end she finally confronts her. What really saved the story for me was Greg, he literally comes across as pretty much the perfect guy. Still the story was enjoyable and you find yourself rooting for Greg the whole story.

Rating 3 out of 5 


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