Friday, July 3, 2015

Lance (Male Model Chronicles #2) by Christi Snow

Matthew Lancer leads a very stressful life, having taken over his father's company as a teenager he needed an outlet and thus Lance Jones was born. As Lance Jones, he gets to be the regular good looking guy that poses for romance novel covers; he has no worries and no one telling what to do.

Andi Kelly is a famous and reclusive erotica author; she likes to write her books and avoid human contact as much as possible. Andi and Lance meet when Lance models for one of Andi's book covers and although there is an attraction a family emergency put the kabosh on exploring things further.

Some months later after someone tries to steal Matthew's company by attempting to expose is Lance persona and kidnapping Andi things get really crazy. Lance and Andi end up running for their lives and getting a whole lot closer.

The story itself is good and enjoyable; the whole kidnapping adventure was funny. Although, I will say the first book in the Male Model Chronicles was way better, you can't beat running over a cute guy and then finding a connection. I can't wait until the final book in the series, Ms. Snow really has a fun series going on here and the cover models, WOW.

Rating 4 out of 5 


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