Friday, July 31, 2015

To Win Her Love (Players #1) by Mackenzie Crowne

25605631This was such a dramatic story so full of twist and turns. Gracie Gable wants custody of her nieces after the death of her brother-in-law only it turns out the perfect husband and doting father she knew had a huge secret.

Jake Malone just learned that his very wealthy deadbeat father got married, had kids and since his wife is dead he's left custody of his daughters to the son he abandoned.

Gracie would do anything for the her nieces; her big sister was her hero, for her she'd even put up with football super star Jake Malone.

Jake is at first pissed at the position his father has put him, but needing a publicity boost following some bad moments and then realizing he can't be a bastard and turn his back on his new sisters, he agrees.

Soon Jake and Gracie are fighting their attraction in order to be perfect parental figures; but when Jake stumbles upon a secret Gracie has been hiding he flips and turns his back on her.

With a little intervention and some good groveling these two get the perfect family they've always wanted. 

Rating 5 out of 5 

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