Friday, July 24, 2015

His Million Dollar Risk (Take a Risk #3) by Robin Bielman

23941354This was a fun story about a very free spirited girl and very super on schedule guy, who has no room for distractions.

Connor Gibson is on a deadline and has no room for detours. 

Charlize "Charlie" Beckett is as free spirited as they come, but also trying to prove she can be can be a good writer for the magazine her father owns. When her friend Ashley Morgan, who was supposed to go on a trip through historic Route 66 with Connor and write an article ends up getting sick, Charlie end up filling in, except she gets a little toung tied and ends up pretending to be Ashley, who prefers to be called Charlie.

Connor is falling for Ashley aka. Charlie, but when the truth comes out, things get crazy and Connor is really hurt and somewhat, okay really mean to Charlie. 

Of course they're gonna get a happily ever after and the "I love you moment" is super sweet and will have going aww. 

Rating 4 out of 5 

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