Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Trouble with Christmas by Kaira Rouda

23367778Lily Edmonds just got dumped by her fiance right before Christmas and to make things worse on Christmas day the jerk is marrying someone else. Come in best friend Avery with a solution; Avery takes Lily to her family's home on Indigo Island to try and cheer her up.

Cole Stanton is the new guy on Indigo Island; having left behind an unfulfilling life, he is trying to make a go at it as a restaurant owner. When Cole and Lily meet is like love at first sight, Lily is of course more guarded granted that she was just recently crying her eyes out over her broken engagement.

The story is sweet, there is no drama or conflict between Cole and Lily, the story is about both of them coming together over shared interest and bonding. This is the perfect, optimistic, cheery holiday read everyone that will leave you wanting cookies and sprinkles.

Rating 4 out of 5

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