Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Man Trap (A Boston unCommons Mystery, #2) by Arlene Kay

Eja Kane and Deming Swann are investigating murder again. When Deming's aunt Persus Cantor as for their help proving that her grandson Dario Peters was murdered, these two will run around town tracking down suspects and clues.

Dario Peters was a horrible man, abusive to his wife Paloma Peters and swindling investors left and right. While the police rule his death as an accident all the signs point to murder. But who did it?

Paloma the battered wife; Meeka Kyle the mistress; Merlot the psychic or the disgruntled business partners. With so many enemies and so many motives it's a guessing game of who done it.

The story was great, it keeps you engaged to the very end, I will point out however that I did not like Paloma's fate at the end or that Dario went from the scum of the earth to saint in a matter of seconds. I did like however, that in this book, Deming wasn't as big a jerk as in the previous book, he was only annoyingly over protective, which given the previous book, it's forgivable.

Rating 4 out of 5

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