Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kiss Me, Cowboy by Melissa McClone

23203522This is the third book in the series, like the first and second book, it takes place in the town of Marietta in the time before, during and after the 76th annual Copper Mountain Rodeo. This book follows Charlie "Charlotte" and Zack as they work to sort their lives and find happiness, either together or on their own. 

I'm just throwing this out there but during the entire book you just want to smack Zack upside the head for being such a jerk.

Charlie likes Zack, Zack likes Charlie; seems easy enough. Except Zack doesn't want to date someone he works with because of something that happened in the past. Charlie has decided that it's time to get over Zack and as she contemplates a job in another state. Zack knows he doesn't want Charlie to go, he doesn't want to lose her, so he offers to help find her a boyfriend [this is where you want to smack him upside the head], except, Zack doesn't like the idea of Charlie being with someone else.

The entire book is Zack accepting his feelings for Charlie and acting on them and then pulling away and then realizing he's wrong. Still a very good story and I loved that gives you a look at what is going on with the other characters in town that are only briefly mentioned in the first and second books in the series.

Rating 4 out of 5

Montana Born Rodeo Series
Book #1 Tease Me, Cowboy
Book #2 Cherish Me, Cowboy
Book #3 Kiss Me, Cowboy

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