Thursday, October 30, 2014

What a Bride Wants (The Great Wedding Giveaway #1) by Kelly Hunter

21525582This is a funny, lightweight read; the story is only 84 pages of a love at first meddling father.

It's bad when parents decide to play matchmakers, it's bad when they try to point out potential "candidates", but it is horrifying, beyond traumatizing when your father goes out and puts a full color personal ad in the paper trying to find you a domesticated husband.

When, Ella Grace Emerson's father does just that, after contemplating patricide she decides to put up her own ad at the saloon. Her ad, seeks a lover not a husband and preferably one that can annoy her father. Which can you blame her? If I were her, patricide would be very appealing, that is of course if I didn't drop of mortification the moment I learned of the ad.

Enter Cam Sawyer, good looking new bartender in town who decides to answer Ella's second ad. Cam doesn't want any forever, he is constantly on the run from his crazy brother; but for Ella he is willing to reconsider his way of life and make Marietta home. 

The story is sweet, I love that for Ella there has to be a spark, she doesn't want rich, she doesn't want luxury, all she wants is SPARK! Cam is a good and funny character and Ella's father is also very endearing, as long as he is not putting any ad's out.

Rating 4 out of 5

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