Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Very Married Christmas by Erika Marks

I hate speaking ill of books, but I did not like this book. The story follows Beck and Marley Chambers, two former high school sweethearts that after ten years of marriage are about to be divorced. The have been apart for a year now and are reunited at a friends wedding back in their hometown.

Beck was a very dislikable character, he shows up to a friends wedding with a new girlfriend, sees his still wife Marley and realizes he still has feelings for her. First of, he could have made an effort to save his marriage. Then, bringing a new girlfriend to a friends wedding, when you're not divorced yet, trashy. Then going on about how he has feelings for his wife, if he really cared, he could have tried.

Marley was nice, she leaves her husband because when she sought a career, he was unsupportive and then when her cookbook become a bestseller, he makes her feel bad for having obligations that don't center around him.

Yes, they get a Christmas miracle and are able to reconcile and save their marriage, but still Beck was an ass. Even when he gets back together with Marley and she asks what about his girlfriend, he's like what about her. Beck was basically an ass in the middle of a mid-life crisis; did not feel the love in this book.

Rating 2 out of 5

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