Friday, October 3, 2014

Except My Love by Mary Burchell

Ugh, I hated this story. Oliver was such a jerk, he marries Erica and although at first it's a marriage of convenience; Erica really does love Oliver. When Oliver tells her he doesn't want her love and that he's basically still in love with his ex, who by the way was a total bitch. Erica finally leaves Oliver.

Oliver, doesn't even really have any feelings for his ex, he only goes to see her because he wants to show Erica that her opinion doesn't matter. Oliver appears to be hurt when Erica leaves him, or at least that's the impression when these two see each other almost two years later. The only silver lining in that two year separation is that based on their conversations, Oliver doesn't cheat on Erica, so that's like a point for him.

After leaving Oliver, Erica finds out she's pregnant, she names her baby Oliver, but calls him Bunny. After seeing each other, Oliver tries to mend his wrongs with Erica. Eventually in the end they reconcile, but the ending was so blah. Oliver really never apologizes and their getting back together is so unrealistic.

Rating 3 out of 5

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