Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Night in Vegas by C.M. Stone

23568565Eliza DeMatteo is returning to her hometown of Vegas after ten years and while during her vacation she is supposed to be spending a lot of time with her big brother that is so not the case. Come New Years Eve and a huge emergency keeps big brother busy at the hospital he tries to play matchmaker between his sister and his best friend (no, just GOD no, brother's should never play matchmakers, no matter how good the outcome, don't intervene), of course little sis tries to bail.

Unfortunately for Eliza after she tries to bail, whose car does she end up leaving a dent in, well yeah it's best friend Christian "Chris" Yerrick's car. 

Ugh, guys are such idiots, Chris once upon a time, like ten years ago broke a young Eliza's heart after leading her on. Now Chris and Eliza get a second chance thanks to big brother Jackson, Mr. "All I'm saying is I expect my first nephew to be named after me." (seriously his approach worked, but it's not recommended). 

The story was short and sweet and the characters were really realistic. I mean who hasn't had an embarrassing teenage crush moment and for those lucky enough gotten a second chance, years after the awkward years. Totally worth checking out, if you want a nice optimistic read; plus the grand gesture (you know where the guy finally comes to his senses) is super romantic.

Rating 4 out of 5

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