Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Unwanted Wife (Unwanted #1) by Natasha Anders

Talk about an emotional ringer. I read this entire book in one day, I didn't even sleep, it was that addicting. Ms. Anders really knows how to deliver, this book has everything; blackmail, pregnancy, suspected infidelity, evil family, douche bag guy who redeems himself in an amazing manner. Its very obvious I have a major weakness for romance novel and this one book hit every single point that makes a reader want to read romance novels.

The story is about Alessandro de Lucci and Theresa de Lucci, they've been married for about a year and a half; when they first married Theresa was so in love Alessandro, she believed him to be in love with her, but she soon learn how horrible and cold Alessandro really was.

The story starts off with Alessandro and Theresa in bed, after they're done Theresa who has been really unhappy for a while just blurts out that she wants a divorce. Alessandro says no that she needs to give him a son first. After some very heated arguments Theresa overhears a phone call between Alessandro and her father, where she learns that the only reason Alessandro married her was because he was blackmailed by her father and that the only way he can get a divorce is after they have a son (has to be a boy and what a horrible father), at this point I am hating Alessandro, he's been so awful to Theresa. Well, hearing this absolutely crushes Theresa, she realizes that everything has been a lie orchestrated by her horrible father and Alessandro. At this point Theresa come to completely hate Alessandro and Alessandro realizes he's been a horrible person to Theresa who knew nothing about her father's scheme and so he wants to make it up to Theresa and salvage their relationship.

Theresa decides that their relationship is beyond salvageable and to her dismay she soon discover's she's pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy Alessandro tries to get close to her, but she doesn't trust him anymore and continues to push him away. When Theresa gives birth to baby girl she is torn between happiness for her baby and dismay that its a girl and she has to continue married to Alessandro. Alessandro is happy because it means that Theresa has to stay with him. Alessandro really does love Theresa, but with her father's blackmail he comes to resent her, because he thought she was part of the blackmail.

Normally the guys in these stories take forever to redeem themselves, but Alessandro grows on you quickly, because he is not afraid to admit his mistake and try to fix it. A lot of the later angst in the book is mostly caused by Alessandro's inability to just come out and spill everything like who that Francessca lady is. She gets mentioned often enough that its surprising he waits until the end of the book to explain who she was. I also hated that Theresa still tries to maintain some form of relationship with her father, I mean, the guy is about as awful as they can possibly be. I really liked the epilogue, they have redo wedding and this time Theresa gets to pick her dream wedding.

Overall this was a very engaging book, it doesn't let you put it down and going by this book, I can't wait for the next one in the Unwanted series

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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