Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Fourth Child (9 Months Later #19) by C.J. Carmichael

Claire has been married to Kirk for 12 years, they have 3 daughters and Claire has just learned there is fourth on the way. On the day Claire is about to tell Kirk, the slime ball blindsides her by saying he's in love with someone else, a woman that works at this office [not his secretary], Claire is pissed and tells him to leave.

Later Kirk suggest they try counseling because he has some epiphany and realizes what he's doing is what his Dad did to him and his mom. But, and this is rich he actually tells Claire, I will stop seeing the other woman if you agree to counseling; like WTF, how about just divorcing his lying, cheating ass.

While Claire is at home, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of the kids, Kirk relaxes by wining and dining some skank instead of his wife. Kirk actually tells Claire that he feels she doesn't appreciate him, that she is always nagging him to help with the kids, to come home earlier, to spend more time with them. So, instead of saying "hey, wife lets go to dinner", no he takes the office girl. Perhaps the only silver lining is that he never slept with the other woman, he only had an emotional affair and the occasional make-out session. 

Even though counseling helps and Claire and Kirk eventually reconcile, I still think Kirk is an ass. Instead of putting so much effort into having his emotional affair, he should have put the effort into being with his family and if he felt that his wife didn't give him enough attention or he felt neglected, he should have talked to her first, not the other woman. As for the other woman, she knew he was married, that he had a family, what she did was just low, getting involved with a married man and nearly ruining a family just because her marriage didn't work out.

I would have liked the book better if there had been a confrontation between Claire and the other woman. I didn't like the topic of the book, but the fact that it got me raving gives it a decent score.

Rating 3 out of 5

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