Friday, May 30, 2014

The Innocent's Surrender by Sara Craven

Not a good book, the characters were just awful. The main guy pretty much rapes the main girl in like chapter 3 of the book, after that the book just goes down hill. He never apologizes, which really doesn't matter because its not like you can say "hey, sorry I forced you to sleep with me". Then the main girl basically develops like Stockholm syndrome and spends all her time saying how much she loves him, even though most of the book he is just a jerk that leaves her on a private island. 

The only reason I gave the book 2 stars is because of the feuding started of by the main guys dad and the main girls adoptive mom. That was the only dramatically engaging event in the book. Other than that this book tanked, this story might have worked in a different decade when views were extremely skewed, and note I used "might" because honestly I doubt it would have ever worked. 

Side note the main characters are Natasha and Alex, didn't bother using their names in the rest of the review because they are not memorable characters.

Rating 2 out of 5

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