Friday, May 30, 2014

Murder, Mi Amore by Cara Marsi

This was a very entertaining story. So, Lexie Cortese travels to Rome for a month long vacation [nice] after ending her relationship with her sleazy former fiancé. Well when criminals mistake her for a point of contact, she is now being investigated by a super hot Interpol agent Dominic Brioni. Well when crazy crimes begin to occur around  Lexie and Dominic has to constantly intervene to protect, he begins to questions if she really is a criminal. Sparks fly and eventually Dominic has to put everything on the line to save his lady love. 
This is why the story is fun, all these crazy things going on and in the middle of these crimes you have these two having a sort of love at first sight romance, it works. Plus, it’s a kicker that for some weird reason Dominic is always getting a few too many good punches landed on him, which I think he only did so Lexie could be all over him and his injuries. Read, you'll definitely have lots of fun.

Rating 4 out of 5

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