Friday, May 30, 2014

Compromising Positions by Mary Whitney

Loved the story and the way the author makes the characters more complex than the usual one dimensional characters in other love stories. The storyline is very political, but its ok and it works that the author doesn’t hold any punches on hot issues.  

The main guy, Michael Grath is a Republican [gasp, he's very moderate and you can't really blame him his rich parents raised him that way] and he is also a recently elected congressman. The story starts off with him meeting the main girl, Jessie Clark a hard core Democrat an also a recently elected congresswoman. The way they meet is so funny, Michael and a Republican man he was speaking to mistake her for a waitress [oh no they didn't], it works out in a really amusing way. 

Well time passes, Michael still thinks of Jessie and vice-versa. Eventually they form a friendship and then later begin a relationship. Points for the author, they don't jump into bed in the first 3 chapters, however, I will say that they don't share a kiss until half way through the book and they never have a real date [or at least not one that the readers are privied to] and that is why this book lost points with me.  

Its definitely worth the read, you have a strong male character and an equally strong female character.

Rating 4 out of 5

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