Monday, August 31, 2015

Pursued by the Rogue (Fairy Tales of New York #1) by Kelly Hunter

This was such a sweet and sad story; Dawn Turner hasn't had an easy life growing up, after being sent away by her parents and then being sent to a boarding school by her aunt and uncle, she's always felt unwanted. The only person she ever felt wanted with was her friend's brother, Finbar Sullivan. Years later Dawn knows why her parents sent her away, but it's never made the pain any easier; after a reunion with her old friends from high school she re-encounters her teenage crush and first love.

Finbar "Fin" Sullivan grew up to be a famous musician and have a great life, but there is one girl he never forgot. Years later they are brought together again and this time he's not letting go. There is just one problem, while Fin is thinking of forever, Dawn is only thinking of right now.

The whole story, you want them to come together, but with Dawn knowing certain things about her family and what it might entail for her future she becomes the biggest obstacle for their happily ever after. Fin I loved, he was such a caring guy; and everything he does to show Dawn he'll stand by her no matter what.

Rating 5 out of 5 

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